Federal Programs

Mission Statement:

Recognizing the ability of all students to master challenging standards in core academic subjects, Grant Parish School System Federal Program services are dedicated to increasing and improving the educational opportunities for students in schools with a high incidence of poverty.

  • Distributing resources, in amounts sufficient to make a difference, to schools where the needs are greatest.
  • Focusing on effective high-quality regular school programs.
  • Promoting school-wide reform, ensuring access to effective instructional strategies, and challenging academic content.
  • Upgrading the quality of instruction through substantial professional development.
  • Increasing opportunities for meaningful participation by parents in the education of their children.
  • Providing schools, teachers, and parents with greater decision-making authority and responsibility for student performance.
  • Basing assessment on State Goals in determining how well Title I children are meeting the performance standards expected of all children.

Important Links

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