Special Education

Department of Special Education

Our Philosophy

The Grant Parish School Board believes that all students are entitled to an educational program that will promote optimal development in keeping with their capacities. This implies an awareness of individual differences in students and also diversified programs which will provide an opportunity for each child to achieve his potential - mentally, socially, and spiritually. We believe that effort should be directed to the end that each individual will become an effective member of our American democratic society. We believe that all students have individual needs.

The goal of the Grant Parish School Board shall be to provide services to students whose educational needs require modifications of instructional media to meet those needs. While the basic goal of the program is remediating the educational problems of exceptional students, the development of a positive self-image is central to therapy. Finally, Grant Parish School Board subscribes to the code of Ethics of the Special Education Profession adopted by the council of Exceptional Children (CEC) at the CEC's 61st annual convention in April 1983.



Denise Young, Supervisor

Jami Deen, Administrative Assistant

Kim Taylor, Student Services Coordinator

Pupil Appraisal

Peggy Brunson, Pupil Appraisal Secretary
Cathy Horne, School Psychologist
Bailey Lott, Educational Diagnostician
Ashley Sanders, Educational Diagnostician
Cherie Chandler, Educational Diagnostician
Deidra Savoy, Speech Language Pathologist /Speech Coordinator

Speech Therapists

Cassie Murphy - Colfax Elementary
Yvie Fry - South Grant Elementary
Kande Perkins - Pollock Elementary
Michelle Brown - Verda Elementary
Jerri Bonner - Georgetown High School
Michelle Hedges - Grant High, Grant Jr, Virtual

Itinerant Preschool
Elaine Futrell

Beth Henderson

Angie Gauthier

Shawn Seward
Zach Reeder